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We, Ace biopharm Co., Ltd, ,have been work hard to realize API's innovative distribution process with valued people since 2004.
As a company that practices respect for life, a challenging corporate spirit and harmonious corporate culture, and as the most reliable company, we promise to contribute to the infinite development of our customers through endless change. 


Sincerely, Thank you. 


CEO  Byoung - Gyu Min 



Jun - Gi  Kim CMO


Three basic customer's needs are Good Quality, on time delivery & satisfying price. Based on those needs, we always try to add the others which are New, Important, Valuable and Speedy information of market to our customers. 
We promise to give best solution to our valued customers and trying to develop our business (API, cosmetic ingredients and food ingredients) 


Thank you.




Hyung - Wook Jang CTO


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Since 2015, Ace biopharm Bio Research Institute has been constantly challenging to produce the world’s top bio-material products that can contribute to human health and happiness with the development of technology for the use of bio-products. 


Our research institute has not only original research technology but also commercial production experience and excellent marketing ability. Thus, we are challenging in global market of medicine/cosmetics/food ingredients. 


We promise to deliver high-quality bio-products to realize customer satisfaction, employs self-esteem, and further grow into a company that contributes to social development. 


Thank you.

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