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Ace biopharm Co., Ltd. Bio Research Laboratory is staffed by 7 researchers, 4 with Ph.D and 3 masters. We are developing eco-friendly raw materials using enzyme engineering.

 The ingredients of healthy functional food produced at Bio Research Laboratory are exported to United States, Japan, and many other countries. Through continuous technology development in the future, we are making efforts to enter the global market with original production technologies.


 Ace biopharm Co., Ltd. Bio Research Laboratory consists of a microbiological incubation process development team, a refining process development team, and a product characterization development team. We strives to make the world's first-class products in health function and medicine materials using microbes. 


 In particular, the development of products using strain improvement technology in cooperation with domestic and foreign companies and research institutes, and the development of enzyme conversion process replacement technology in existing chemical processes will serve as a cornerstone for Ace biopharm to become a global R&D company in the future.



The goal of technology development


- Development of chemical process alternatives using Bioconversion


- Development of bio-material producing strain using metabolic engineering





Vision 2020 to be Research-oriented global company
- Technologies for industrialization of bioengineering products including industrial strains development technology, gene recombination technology, high concentration fermentation and high purity refining technology and commercial production technology (50 ton scale)
- Experience of product marketing success through product characterization according to market requirements, establishment of documentation according to product entry, and establishment of global sales net-work.


 In order to realize vision to be Research-oriented global company,
First, we develop bio-production technology of the world's first-class products by specialized technology.
Second, we develop export-driven products to sell more than 80% products abroad. 
Finally, we make customers, associates, and employees happy.


Management Goal


Goal Period Period Objectives
1st Goal Establishing Foundation based on self-reliance 2016-2017
  • Commercialization of 16:B-glucan, Global Sales of PS
  • Commercializatoin of 17:Vitamin
  • Securing a Production Base
2nd Goal Establishing a leading provider of Biochemical products 2018-2020
  • Commercializatoin of 18, 19: Glutathione, UDCA 

  • Development of Tryosine, Methyl-proline
  • Securing a Production Base Market Expansion





Concentration on technology development Securing a Production Base Enhancing domestic and global Net-Work 
  • Development of two products per year based on development of specialized technologies with in-house/domestic laboratories
  • Demonstration of biochemical product's effectiveness
  • Enhancement of Research Capabilities
  • Domestic: OEM & Establishment of manufacturing site (tablet)
  • Global : Establishment production base in Malaysia or China

  • Development of new products in cooperation with local Bio Venture Company

  • Sales of products in cooperation domestic and foreign companies (Dusan, PFI, Foodtopia, etc.)
  • Product Development with Domestic Research Institute



Long-term Development Plan





[06784] 41, Dongsan-ro 8-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
CEO : Min-Byoung Gyu /  TEL : +82-2-579-1056  /  FAX : +82-2-6008-3356  /  E-mail :

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